Our Mission and Core Values

Bald eagle group feeding - 1, Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

The Four Cornerstones Of Our Program


We are all in this together.

We are all on the same page, with the same agenda.

We will have genuine care and concern for one another.

We will be there for one another… especially when things get tough.

We will build lifelong relationships that extend far beyond the boundaries of the court.


We will be the toughest team on our schedule.

We will be tough mentally physically and emotionally.

We will not back down to the challenges presented before us.


We will have absolute trust within our program.

We will have a steadfast adherence to an ethical code.

We will do the right things…especially when no one is around.

Servant Leadership

The team will take precedence over self.

We will all make personal sacrifices for the welfare of the team.

We understand that the greatest reward in life will be in helping others realize their potential.


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