About Our Program

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  • We will create a brotherhood among our players and coaches that will extend well beyond the boundaries of the basketball court.
  • Decisions involving an individual player or the program…. That decision was made a long time ago.
  • Be excited, positive, and enthusiastic about our program.
  • We all need to take ownership of our program.
  • As coaches and players we need to be Servant Leaders; we must give it up for the team.
  • We will not avoid conflicts; conflicts will be addressed, and resolved.
  • When it involves our program, the only opinions that matter are those of your coaches and teammates.
  • The attitude we possess will be the greatest determining factor in reaching our true potential.


  •   Our practices will be the toughest “games” on our schedule.
  •   We will be the toughest team on our schedule…. mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Because we will be the hardest working team on our schedule, no one deserves to win more than us.
  • The only time we lose is when we quit.
  • Our practice efforts and habits will be reflected in our games.
  • Hustle, hard work, and conditioning can overcome a lot of obstacles.
  • Most games are won or lost long before the referee throws the ball up.


  • We need players we can trust.
  • We need players we can count on.
  • We need players we can depend on.
  • We need players who can take tough coaching.
  • We need players who are willing to sacrifice individual goals for the welfare of the team.
  • We need players who are willing to hang their hats on their ability to play defense, and rebound.
  • We need to keep the players that will allow us to have the best “team” possible.
  • We need players who are willing to accept their role on the team.
  • We will get rid of players that do not buy into our program, regardless of their “ability level”.
  • We need players who are happy for the success of a teammate, even if it effects their own situation.

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